These don't have standard numbers or dots, but look much more fantastic with their innovative language of bone markings.

What Are Bone Origins?

Bone Origins are our first set of dice created by Fablestone Dice, and are a stunning forward step for tabletop games.

The dice don't have any standard numbers or dot patterns, and are both beautiful and intriguing with their innovative language of bone markings.

As easy to use and read as a typical dice, but more enjoyable.

How To Use

The Bone Origins dice is super easy to use, and can be used in place of a regular dice.

Just add up the value of the bones using the language of bones:

(noun.) Dot bone /dot/: worth one.

(noun.) Long bone /long/: worth two.

For example: 2 long bones and a dot bone = 2 + 2 + 1 = 5.

A Brief History of Bones

I designed the Bone Origins dice to be a more immersive dice.

For myself, the typical patterns of dots or numerical 0 - 9s on dice look too modern and contemporary to be a part of the alternative worlds in which tabletop games are often set. So, I set out to create a dice that used it's very own language, and drew upon only elements that would be at home in a fantasy setting unlike our own world.

The Bone Origins dice was born.

A dice that not only looked awesome, but could be something perhaps discovered by your character in the dangerous depths of a long-forgotten dungeon, carried around in their pocket as a good luck charm, but also usable by you - the player - to decide their fate. A dice for all worlds.

With the design ready, we launched our project on Kickstarter. And with the amazing support of all of our incredible backers, the project was a huge success and brought the dice into its first small production run. We subsequently launched another successful project to expand the Bone Origins set to polyhedral dice.

The support of our Kickstarter backers is truly awesome, and I am so grateful to each and every one of them for making the Bone Origins dice a reality.

With both our Kickstarter projects successfully fulfilled, all the Bone Origins dice are now available to order from our website today.

Discover All Seven Amazing Colors

The Bone Origins dice aren't just about bone. There is an alluring variety of seven colors, with magical infusions, ethereal glow and captured smoke.

Discover the seven colors for yourself: Bone Ivory, Charred Smoke, Bone Mist, Occultist Purple, Nightmare Blue, Dark Blood and Glow In The Dark.

The dice are all manufactured from stunning blends of high quality resin. And they really are some of the most beautiful dice on the planet.

Check them out... and discover them for yourself.

Bone Ivory (d6 Pair)
Charred Smoke (d6 Pair)
Bone Mist (d6 Pair)
Occultist Purple (d6 Pair)
Nightmare Blue (d6 Pair)
Dark Blood (d6 Pair)
Glow In The Dark (d6 Pair)

The Polyhedral Trio

Expand your collection with the Bone Origins polyhedral set, a versatile trio of bones that can be used as a full standard 7-dice polyhedral set.

Three dice, comprising the function of a complete set: d4, d6, d8, d10, d00, d12 and d20.

Packed with intrigue, all of these functions are easy to use – just by reading the bones of the dice differently. And will make an awesome addition to your gaming session.

Bone Ivory (Polyhedral Trio)
Charred Smoke (Polyhedral Trio)
Bone Mist (Polyhedral Trio)
Occultist Purple (Polyhedral Trio)
Nightmare Blue (Polyhedral Trio)
Dark Blood (Polyhedral Trio)
Glow in the Dark (Polyhedral Trio)

Bone Origins – Hidden Features

Just like a curious item found in a dungeon, the Bone Origins language has many hidden secrets.

The d6 dice, for example, can be used as a d3 or flipped as a coin by reading the bones differently.

To read the dice as a d3, count the bones with all bones worth one:

(noun.) Any bone /any/: worth one.

To use the dice as a coin, the dot is 'heads' and other sides are 'tails':

(noun.) Dot bone /dot/: heads.

(noun.) No dot bone /no-dot/: tails.



Q. Are the dice really made out of bone?
A. No. All of the Bone Origins dice are made out of different blends of high quality resin. The Bone Ivory color dice is blended to have the appearance of bone.

Q. What size are the dice?
A. All of the dice are 16mm between opposite faces.

Q. Can you ship to my country?
A. Yes, worldwide shipping is available.

Q. Is there a full polyhedral set, i.e. d4, d6, d8, d10, d00, d12, d20?
A. The Bone Origins polyhedral trio (d6, d8 and d10) are equivalent to a standard 7-dice polyhedral set, by reading the bones in different ways. For example, you can read the d8 as a d4 by counting the bones differently.

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