About Fablestone Dice

Welcome, Adventurer

Hi, my name is Gary and I started Fablestone Dice in 2015 to create awesome looking dice that are more immersive for table-top games.

As a big fan of traditional fantasy role playing games, I specifically wanted to create dice that could actually be items lifted from a fictitious game setting themselves. Something perhaps discovered by your character in the dangerous depths of a long-forgotten dungeon, carried around in their pocket as a good luck charm, but also usable by you - the player - to decide their fate.

Aesthetics would go a long way, but the aspect I set out to change was that of the numbering system. Typically dice are numbered in two differents ways: either with dots that are arranged in conventional patterns or with typographical numbers (1, 2, 3 etc). And though these are often embellished with additional artwork, they still feel too modern and contemporary to be a part of a fantasy world's setting.

So I designed a dice that would change this. And wouldn't use dots or numbers at all. But still be just as easy to read.

...the Bone Origins dice.

What Are Bone Origins?

Our first dice and one which doesn't use numbers or dots.

These don't have any standard numbers or dot patterns, and are both beautiful and intriguing with their innovative language of bone markings. As easy to use and read as a typical dice, but more enjoyable.

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